INFO RTS INDIA Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is fast growing enterprise engaged in Business Process Management, which offers various professional services to the organizations and business setups for Ease of Doing Business through expertise and consultancies.

The organization was established in June 2017 and started working in service sector and is providing Essential Public Utility services in addition to education, logistics, insurance, employment, banking & finance etc.

We are blend of in-depth knowledge with technology, professional expertise with creativity and transform business from conventional to digital platform across seven industrial and business sectors.

We have obtained and fulfilled all legal & statutory requirements of various government institutions.


In present changing time, there is immense need to continuously update & upgrade business systems, look for newer business opportunities & solutions, adopt & accept latest technologies including digitalization and automation with speed, accuracy & transparency.

This we took up as the challenge to deliver entire spectrum of Business Process Management and included wide range of services in our menu card like Bank & Finance, Education, Employment & Skill development and much more.

We plan and offer ample opportunities to our Business Associates & clients to create, execute, utilize and avail benefit of our Network through PAN India and facilitate them doing convenient and Easy business on our digital platform.

CEO Message

Co-creating brand differentiation for our clients, and enabling them to outperform with our passion for service and innovation is our singular mission.

Outperformance is the game-changing difference between survival and dramatic growth for companies across every industry, globally. The key catalyst for 'outperformance' is the ability to co-create high-impact solutions with clients, thus enabling their brand differentiation.

Why Join us

  • Every industry is going online and so is this industry. You may think that it is not but in next 5-6 years you will feel the change.
  • Early bird gets the worm. Those who join first will definitely earn more because of less competition.
  • E.g.: Ola/Uber/Zomato/Swiggy/Foodpanda/flipkart/amazon- Those who joined early earned a lot, rest are fighting to make a living because initially the commission charged was less and the completion was also low.


  • We will put your Centre on Google.
  • We will put your Centre on RTS BIZ Solution.
  • We will use it for Advertisements, if the performance is good.

Business Strategies

  • Company will organize workshops to teach New Business Strategies.
  • Company will help you to cut down the costs.
  • Company will teach you how to make every thing Simpler.